Uber Slammed For Price Surges During London Terror Attack.


Rideshare app Uber has been slammed online by users accusing the company of profiting from the London terror attack by enforcing price surges around the affected area.

Disgusted Uber users shared screenshots of ride fares around central London, particularly Borough Market, claiming it ‘ramped prices up in hit areas knowing people need to get home’.

One screenshot shows a £38 fare ($65) for a trip in Vauxhall, southwest London where the app notes: ‘fares are higher due to increased demand.’

Uber has responded to angry Twitter users by saying it stopped fare surges as soon as it learned about the terror incident.

‘We suspended dynamic pricing as soon as we heard about the incident, as we did previously with Westminster and Manchester,’ it wrote. Read more at Daily Mail



  1. its probably simply electronically based on demand and no live person was causing it , people need to focus on real things like holding politicians accountable instead of uber

  2. Don’t like price surges? Use less. Lower demand will lead to lower prices. Car drivers are people too, and need an extra incentive to work longer hours to meet higher costumer demand.


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