UC Berkeley Student Group Cancels ‘Free Speech Week’ Event


UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof said Saturday that the Berkeley Patriot student organization told university administrators that a four-day “Free Speech Week” event scheduled to start Sunday had been canceled.

The conservative student group Berkeley Patriot was dropping out for safety reasons, the Berkeleyside, a local website, reported Saturday.

“We shall speak in Berkeley, we shall speak on the plazas and the steps. We shall defend free speech, whatever the cost may be. We shall never surrender!” Yiannopoulos wrote, adding that he was paraphrasing Winston Churchill.

Yiannopoulos’ attempt to speak at Berkeley in February was shut down by masked anarchists who rioted on campus. Read more at Fox News.



  1. Free Speech is as long as it agrees with Antifa Terrorists and other violent leftists, which is why it was not the students who cancelled it but the University cancelled it, knowing their students…


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