U.K. Bans Teaching Creationism


schoolbooksThe U.K. has prohibited all schools that receive public funding from teaching creationism as a scientifically valid concept.  The government released a new set of guidelines that explicitly “require that pupils are taught about the theory of evolution, and prevent academy trusts from teaching ‘creationism’ as scientific fact.”

The guidelines also note that creationism can be taught in religious education, but only if teachers clearly note that it is not a “valid alternative to established scientific theory.”

In contrast to the U.K., the U.S. saw two states, South Carolina and Missouri, deal with anti-evolution proposals just last month. Read more at UPI.

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  1. British Secularists are so fearful of “creationism” that, in the name of “scientific accuracy”, they have to slam the door on teaching it and silence the “creationists” in the secular schools.

  2. Your headline is misleading. They aren’t banning the teaching of creationism… they are banning the teaching of it as science. There is a big difference.

    The Wolf

  3. This is so laughable because Evolution is not acceptable as a scientific theory. It is not good science. It has no sufficient evidence to warrant its validity as even a theory.

  4. Atheism and Darwinism in our times are what the Catholic Church was in the darkness of European Middle Ages – a senseless dogma enforced by the power of state.

  5. It’s not a scientifically valid concept. It’s the truth, and it’s a religiously valid concept, but not a scientific one. If someone doesn’t believe in G-d, then evolution makes the most sense. But the Torah tells us it’s not correct.

    BTW, the law doesn’t prohibit teaching creationism stam, that that’s what the Torah says and is therefore the truth. You just have to teach evolution in the afternoon (and can, presumably, add a disclaimer that it’s a bunch of malarkey).

  6. #’s 4 & 5 got it right. Why is evolution promoted as science when it is only a theory and has already been debunked by real scientists? This really is about promoting athieism worldwide. If these clowns don’t want to call ‘creationism’ science, they cannot call ‘evolution’ science either.

  7. To The Extremely Excellent Comments #4 From “Velvel” and #5 From “Jo Shmo” and #7 From Anonymous:


  8. A few years ago, at http://matzav.com/making-a-kiddush-hashem-social-issues-and-politics, I elaborated at length on exactly these points that you here so superbly pointed out. So, B’Ezras Hashem, I will reprint that part of my essay right here:

    That G-D created the world — that is the very first sentence in the Torah: “B’rayshis Bara Elokim Eis HaShamaiyim V’eis Ha’Aretz”! That the common English translation of these words: “In the beginning, G-D created the heaven and the earth,” is probably the most famous verse of the Torah, is quite understandable. That HaShem is the only One real Existence and the Source and Creator of everything, is THE fundamental principle of our whole religion.

    Now the argument has been advanced that religion and science do not have to collide. It could be that G-D did make the world, but the way He did it was with evolution. This “reconciliation” is both ridiculous and unnecessary. A few years ago, the “Jewish Observer” magazine had an issue with the cover story about evolution. One of the key lines there was from Rav Chaim Dov Keller, Sh’lita, the Rosh Yeshiva of Telshe Yeshiva in Chicago. He bluntly stated that we do not have to apologize for our Torah and twist our Torah to fit it in with this evolution garbage. Evolution is not science at all; there is no proof for it at all! By their own terminology, it is only a theory!

    (This point really shows up the mean wickedness of the situation. For even though the whole evolution business is only a proposed theory, and the scientists themselves only call it a proposed theory, it is still taught and presented in the schools, in the halls of government, in the news media, in historical documentaries, and in entertainment productions as if it were an obvious well known scientific fact. And any person, and especially any teacher or board of education member who dares to question this most holy of holy of holy doctrine, is ridiculed and expelled from his job for being “old fashioned,” “unscientific,” “uneducated,” and an agent of the “Religious Right.”)

    Furthermore, it is not even a theory. A theory is an idea that is a well thought out logical piece of reasoning that is proposed to explain the mechanics of a certain phenomenon. While it is not known if it is actually true, since it is so well thought out and logical, there is a good chance that it is really true.

    Evolution though, is not this at all; it is not a piece of logic at all; it is not a piece of thought out thought at all. All that it is, is something that is absolutely of absolutely of absolutely ridiculous and outright insane!

    The following well known — what is a piece of logic — I will say the way the rebbe of the class I was in at Yeshiva Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, Rav Chaim Dovid Lapidus, Sh’lita, explained to us. We were sitting in our classroom of the new three story school building that had just been built about a year before, as he related:

    “Just imagine; in order to build this classroom building, they came over here with several helicopters in the air, which dumped out all of the bricks and sheets of glass and pieces of metal and wires and tiles, etc. (Then, if all that was formed was just a messy pile of materials, they scooped everything up and put it all back in the helicopters.) Then again they dumped out all of the bricks and glass, etc. (Then, if still there was just a messy pile, they again put it all back in the helicopters.) Then again they dumped out all of the bricks, etc. And again they dumped out, etc. And again. And again. And eventually, somehow (maybe there were some very heavy winds that pushed the bricks in line, etc.) all of the bricks and sheets of glass etc. all fell into the right places and the building was formed!”

    “Sounds crazy, yeah?”

    “Well, to say that this is how this building was built IS MORE LOGICAL than to say that by means of evolution was formed of an insect EVEN ONE EYE!!”

    (Obviously, the Rebbe just chose the eye of an insect as a random example of something that is, relatively, very small. Of course, the exact same point is just as much true with even one cell of an eye of an insect; the truth is even with just one molecule of one of the substances of one cell of an eye of an insect. The real truth is even with just one atom of one molecule of one of the substances of one insect’s eye cells. For modern science is just barely beginning to discover and realize that the structures and the mechanisms and the operations of just one atom are infinitely more complex and beyond the ability of the human mind to understand than all of the school buildings and office buildings and skyscrapers in the world combined!)

    Furthermore, of course, once we believe in G-D, WE DO NOT NEED EVOLUTION, for, of course, G-D could make the world in any way that He wants, without any evolution!


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