U.K. To Bar Jihadists Returning From Middle East


jihadBritish Prime Minister David Cameron has unveiled a sweeping new anti-terror law that seeks to protect the United Kingdom from jihadists returning from Syria and Iraq by rendering them “stateless.”

Cameron, who made the announcement while addressing the Australian Parliament, said that Britain had to take action to deal with the threat posed by “foreign fighters planning attacks against our people,” The Telegraph reported.

According to the law, suspected terrorists will be placed under “temporary exclusion orders” that will bar them from the country unless they submit to strict conditions, including monitoring and de-radicalization programs.

The orders, which will be approved by Home Secretary Theresa May, say that suspected terrorists would have their passports canceled-rendering them stateless-and would be put on a “no fly list” to prevent them from returning.

It is estimated that more than 500 British citizens have travelled to Syria and Iraq to join jihadist groups there, with about half of them returning to the U.K.





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