U.N. Human Rights Council Blasted For Singling Out Israel


the-un-human-rights-council-logoThe United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) was blasted for its consistent singling out of Israel for criticism.

On Friday, the U.S. was the only country to vote against five anti-Israel U.N. resolutions. Four of the resolutions were directed against Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, with one calling on the companies to boycott Israel. The fifth was directed at Israel’s control of the Golan Heights and its treatment of residents there.

Paula Schriefer, head of the U.S. delegation to the UNHRC, criticized UNHRC Agenda Item 7, which mandates that Israel must be discussed at every UNHRC meeting, a distinction no other country shares. She said the U.S. is “deeply troubled by the council’s standalone agenda item directed against Israel and by the many repetitive and one-sided resolutions under this agenda item.”

She added, “Only Israel, a vibrant and open democracy, received such treatment.”

World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer said it is “shameful that an important U.N. body should join the hypocritical international campaign against Israel, and it is even more lamentable that so many countries did not have the courage to vote against this one-sided resolution proposed by some of the worst offenders with respect to human rights.”




  1. i wouldn’t expect anything different from the United (ARAB) Nations. The Us & Israel should quit as members and have them move to Saudi aRABIA

  2. “Genocide, repression, human rights violations all over the globe & what is
    biased US, International media and squealing pig racist maggots
    obsessed with? Israel. But despite their hate and frustration, facts
    on the ground: Israel, IDF triumphant.

    Body counts: 140,000 dead, thousands maimed, orphaned, millions refugees
    in Syria. 75 and 35 civilians killed demonstrating in Ukraine and
    Venezuela including Miss Venezuela, 60,000+ dead in Mexico drug wars,
    30,000 annually murdered in Brazil, and tens of thousands dead of
    violent crimes in USA, thousands killed in Egypt, 200,000 in Iraq,
    tens of thousands of Maronite Christians in Lebanon, in Afghanistan,
    Libya, Tunis, Sudan, Somalia, Darfur, 2,000,000 in Rwanda, 3,000,000
    in Cambodia, and the beat goes on as the maggot anti-Israel try and
    fail to demonize Israel.

    O’yes, “poor cunning Palestinian” crying victim now, brutal
    murderers of tens upon tens of thousands of my Maronite Christian
    people in Lebanon including members of my beloved family. Thank you
    Israel & IDF for saving our lives from total extermination at the
    hands of these goons whose myth of victim-hood & stolen lands was
    bought by the ignorant haters and uneducated in ME history. O’poor
    anti-Israel racists tormenting themselves foaming at the mouth as u
    see secular Israel mighty. Palestinian Nazi thugs suffering? Great.

    O’Hard Left & racist bigots obsessed with destroying Israel: Israel will
    outlast u all. What Palestinian thugs failed to accomplish by wars of
    proxy and terrorism against Israeli civilians, they r now deceitfully
    r trying to achieve with UN, Obama, Kerry, NY Ultra-Orthodox &
    Hard Left demonizing Israel. Cowards because if u were humanists
    you’d be in Iran and Syria where real crimes vs humanity r
    transpiring. U Hard Left & insidious, cunning totally evil
    anti-Zionist parasite Ultra-Orthodox Hassidic Jews collaborators of
    the Nazi Palestinians not worth the dirty socks of one IDF warrior,
    Jew, Christian, Druze or Muslim. We Arab Lebanese Maronite and other
    Christians celebrate and love secular Israel, IDF.


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