Under Pressure, Cuomo Says He’s Open To Bringing Legislature Back For Speed Cameras


hanks to Albany inaction, New York City will no longer be able to use speed cameras to fine drivers for speeding near schools starting July 25 — unless, that is, Gov. Andrew Cuomo calls the state Legislature back for a special session, POLITICO reports.

“Call a special session, come back,” said New York City Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg in an interview Thursday, after relaying the message in several TV interviews.

The Legislature could theoretically reconvene itself, but Republican leadership in the state Senate has repeatedly said it has no plans to do so. In a conference call with reporters later in the day, Cuomo suggested he was open to the possibility of unilaterally convening the Legislature, but suggested his timetable would not be governed by the end-of-July expiration of the camera program. “I think it would be an atrocity and literally a public safety hazard if the Senate doesn’t renew the cameras by the time the children start school in September,” he said. “I’ll bring them back, I’m going to continue to lobby.” Read more at POLITICO.



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