United Hatzalah Leaders Receive Prize For Peace In The Mideast


ichud-hatzolahUnited Hatzalah, the emergency medical first response organization of volunteers, was founded by Eli Beer with the singular goal of meeting an emergency in the shortest possible time with the aim of saving life, regardless of whose life it is. United Hatzalah’s volunteers include both charedi and secular Jews and any definition in between, as well as Arabs and Druse.

Beer and Murad Alyan, a male nurse at Hadassah hospital and head of United Hatzalah’s east Jerusalem branch, are this year’s recipients of the Victor J. Goldberg Institute of International Education Prize for Peace in the Middle East. The award ceremony was held today at the US Embassy’s American Center in Jerusalem.

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{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Allow me to inform you that Hatzoloh of Eretz Yisroel was founded in 1988 by three individuales, They traveled to Boro Park and spent time with the Boro Park coordinators to better understand the workings of Ameican Hatzoloh. It was originally supposed to begin operations in Yerushalayim, however Shmuel Reichman zt”l donated $75,000.00 to have it begin in Bnei Brak in memory of his zeida Reb Nochum Halpern. I know this as a fact because I was one of the three.

  2. Please note, on my previous comment I erred regarding the date Hatzoloh of Eretz Yisroel was established. It was on May 10th 1987,
    11 Iyar 5747.


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