UNRWA Teaches First Graders to Call for Israel’s Destruction


students-at-a-unrwa-school-in-gazaDue to an apparent glitch, one of the UNRWA school sites that was taken down after I exposed that it had two posts saying Jews were dirty has apparently been partially restored. Its home page is gone but the rest of the content is there.

So while it is up I did some more research into what UNRWA teaches its students with our tax dollars.

One webpage (cached here) has the transcript and photos of a presentation by first grade girls describing various Israeli towns that they say the Zionists usurped from them. Each girl represented one village or town.

At the end of the presentation, a group of girls say together:

Despite the occupation and despite the siege, heroes will come from among you and they will liberate us and other countries so Palestine remains Arab and free, Arab and free, Arab and free!

In context, it is pretty obvious that when they say “Palestine” they are not referring to the “1967 lines.” The “heroes” they are anticipating are the men in the audience. They are telling Gazans to go to war to destroy Israel.

Interesting how UNRWA advocates the violent destruction of a UN-member state – something the UN Charter frowns upon.

Just more fun activities that the world is funding when they answer UNRWA’s many “emergency appeals.”

Elder of Ziyon – The Algemeiner

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


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