Fabricated Vos Iz Neias Post Comments Falsely On Matzav.com’s Breaking Report

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matzav_networkThe Vos Iz Neias blog this morning posted a report from an unnamed “government official” claiming that Matzav.com‘s report about Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin being threatened by one inmate at the Linn County Correctional Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is false. As a matter of fact, Matzav.com broke the story last night after verifying it with the most reliable of sources.  The report is 100% accurate and true, and any claims to the contrary are erroneous, irresponsible, and plainly fabricated.

We are unsure at this point where the aforementioned blog gathered their unfounded claim. The blog’s report quotes a single official, yet their headline states that “officials,” implying more than one, had substantiated the claim. Either way, it should be noted that the veracity of the Matzav report, unfortunately,  is not in question whatsoever.

It should be added that such fallacious claims can only do harm to the effort to assist Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin. In this case, the goal of Yidden should be to properly present the gravity of the situation and not deny the truth based on specious sources or water down what is happening.

{Elisha Ferber, Editor, Matzav.com}


  1. Matzav,
    You do realize how you will look if in the end you were wrong? You do realize that once you lose credibility its gone and not coming back? The readers will take everything they read here with multiple salt grains.

    Elisha Ferber responds:

    Thanks for your concern. The bottom line is that our report, to the word, was verified. In fact, at the time of our report, no “government officials,” communal organizations or activists even knew about the incident or the fact that Sholom Mordechai was in solitary confinement, which leads us to believe that no such “government official” exists altogether.

    Be that as it may, we will repeat that what was reported here on Matzav.com is exactly what happened, no matter what anonymous blog, official or askan wishes to claim today, tomorrow or next week.

  2. Thanks Matzav!! Please keep us up to date. Is there anything that you can suggest for us to do to help SMR? Are there numbers that we can call to complain?

  3. Thank You Matzav for being My Yiddishe news choice. I know I can come here and see the news I want and [deleted by moderator]. Wish you Hatzlacha and Continued growth.

  4. Get off your high horse!

    The VIN report says “Official” (singular form) in the headline… [deleted by moderator.]

    Matzav.com responds:

    If that is the case, then it was changed.

  5. @ #9

    Calling to complain is not always the answer…
    It sometimes works in a bureaucracy, since they care about the voter’s wishes. It also works in a bussiness setting since they want your $$$.

    But believe me, it won’t make ANY difference in a prison environment, except maybe worse (C’vs)!!

  6. I have already submitted a comment to VIN which they did not publish criticizing them for posting such an irresponsible story. The “official” from the prison has every reason to lie as he would not want to admit that they cannot protect a prisoner in their custody. VIN should realize that their story is causing harm and not helping the situation in any way.

  7. WHOOPS Looks like Vos Iz Neias made up their story.
    This from COLLIVE (I gues VIN would claim that Matzav and COLLive both made it up:

    By COLlive reporter

    R’ Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin has been a victim of an anti-Semitic inmate in Linn County Correctional Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, COLlive has learned.

    Denied bail pending his sentencing, Rubashkin was placed this week in solitary confinement, with increased isolation and limited visitation, according to his family.

    The changes in his prison conditions this week came after a quarrel he had with a non-Jewish inmate who was transferred to his cell.

    The prisoner “was transferred from another jail after the authorities could not keep him under control. (He) is in jail for assaulting a family member of his,” Matzav.com reported.

    Until the other inmate’s arrival, Rubashkin was free to pray and learn throughout the day in his cell without turning on the TV and covering the toilet.

    “He was not bothered before that,” a family member told COLlive.com Wednesday.

    Upon entering the cell, the non Jewish inmate immediately expressed hate towards Rubashkin, calling him “dirty Jew” and threatening to kill him, the source said.

    As Rubashkin stood to pray, the inmate heightened the volume of the TV set and was verbally abusive, according to the family.

    Rubashkin, it was said, lowered the volume and the inmate got violent and pushed him aside.

    Sources said Rubashkin called for help and a shake down of the cell was made with both being taken to solitary confinement. “It takes two to tango,” prison authorities said.

    “He’s now in a little room with a concrete ledge, no table or chair like he had and they bring in a tiny little mattress for night hours and take it away in the morning,” a family member said.

    A member of the Pidyon Shvuyim committee told COLlive.com: “This is another reason we have to do all that we can to get him out of there.”

  8. Vos Iz Neias has refused to pull their false story but is now reporting the story that made it to the media. Vos Iz Neias shamefully calls it “a push and shove incident with another inmate” without know any facts. They made up their first story and continue to lie.

    Enough is enough with the lies from Vos Iz Neias. We must protest their defamation and their efforts to hinder those who are trying to help Sholom Mordechai.

    Editor, please make this comment bold.

  9. Not recommendeing anyone else’s website, but guess what just appeared on top of the other guys?
    Cedar Rapids IA – Sheriff: Rubashkin Involved in Fight with Another Inmate Over TV Volume
    Sooooooo, even their sources finally got around to confirming the story.

  10. i say that if it is shown that there are people spreading sheker and thereby hurting a yid, then action should be taken against them
    who do we let these people destroy communities and destroy jews?

  11. #18, the news outlet you pasted in quoted it from Matzav, with quotes from a family member. S family member’s opinion seems a bit biased, doesn’t it?

    Matzav, you say VIN’s information is false, and that you don’t know where they get their information from. Yet you have not revealed your sources, so how are we supposed to believe that your sources are any better? Please, name your sources so everyone can see.

    Elisha Ferber of Matzav.com responds:

    It can’t be posted here on the site, but if you email editor@matzav.com, we can discuss it. But have no doubt at all that what was reported on Matzav.com is true, that Sholom Mordechai was threatened, and that what Vos Iz Neias reported and continues to report is completely false, unfounded, and without basis whatsoever. We don’t know how to say this in stronger terms.

  12. I think that Matzav.com should not at all comment on anything written on VIN news . It is as if the Yated would lower itself and discuss things written in the Goyishe Tabloids .

  13. http://www.kcrg.com/news/local/84136252.html

    CEDAR RAPIDS – The former manager of the Agriprocessors meatpacking plant in Postville has been moved to an individual cell at the Linn County Jail after getting into a scuffle with another inmate.

    Linn County Sheriff Brian Gardner said Rubashkin and a fellow inmate were arguing over the volume level on a television Tuesday night, and their verbal disagreement turned physical.The incident occurred in a common area in the cell block both men shared, Gardner said.

    Both inmates were put in cells by themselves until a hearing officer at the jail can determine if the inmates should face further punishment, Gardner said.

    Rubashkin is being held in the Linn County Jail as part of a contract between the county and the United States Marshals Service to hold federal prisoners.

    Rubashkin, 51, of Postville, was convicted by a jury in November on 86 counts of bank fraud and other charges. A sentencing date hasn’t been set.…

  14. As a Lubavitcher i would like to thank matzav for helping out SMR in every way this story is infact %100 sad but true & hopefully SMR will get let out, Moshiach Now

  15. Vos Iz Neias is the equivalent of the “frum” National Enquirer. Except that it makes the National Enquirer look good by comparison.

    Anything to make anyone look bad, as false as it may be, WILL be published there.

  16. And the changed their headline from “officials” to “official” after this Matzav.com expose on VIN was published. (You can still see in the VIN URL web address it shows “officials.”)

  17. to tell you the truth ,the incident happened tues morning when reb sholom mordechai was in talis and tefillin.his inmate used the volume on the tv to incite him while he davened.when he saw the inmate wasnt watching tv,he lowered the volume to which the inmate responded by throwing him to the floor.

  18. Write to the judge and Attorney General Holder about Sholom Rubashkin and his children who need rachmanus. There is no reason to waste precious time on a murderer who’s defense by frum organizations will cause greater damage to acheinu benai yisroel who end up in trouble with the legal system.

    There are no words to describe the negative feelings and bitter taste the frum organizations are causing to the elected officials and legal system. Where were the organizations a year ago? Plus, the rationale given is highly ridiculed as childish and insincere.

    Rubashkin should be the focus.

  19. who needs these petty arguments when so much more is at stake for yiden in prison from polard to the boys in japan to rabbi rubashkin to Grossman in florida and the many others that havent recieved such media coverage us jews are judged with a magnifine glass by hashem and as a result the rest of the world and so we need to gather on this issue biachdus cuz at the end of the day this is what bothers hashem most now of course matzav.com has an obligation to uphold the truth and so no tainis could be levied upon this gr8 sight where news is accurate and not taken down as a result of threats but the comments of people are wrong expecting matzav.c to change as a result of an unfounded report on v.i.n. And but attacking v.i.n. Is wrong too because its feeding into the hands of our enemies its almost like food for them.now let us all yiden speak to our gedolim and work out when and where to demonstrate against those demons hurting the tsadig rabbi rubashkin whos actions with regards to his workers illegal or not we are not voicing an opinion on we are just voicing our opinion on the ill treatment this jew got compared to wat hes done and it will probably be best if we bussed down a demonstration there every week get yeshiva boys if we have to there are plenty of yeshiva guys who are not only into learning and can be oisik in askunis too get 50 yeshiva boys down there once a week from 50 different yeshivas around america


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