Up To 50 Injured In Har Habayis Clashes Amid New Security Measures


The Red Crescent reported that at least 50 Palestinians and one officer were injured in clashes that erupted on the Har Habayis.

Policemen chucked stun grenades at protesters who had gathered at the Old City’s Shaar Ha’Arayos. Tensions have mounted as Israel installed metal detectors outside the the Old City’s nine gates this weekend.

Palestinian worshipers say that the new devices infringe on the status quo and until they are removed, they have boycotted prayer on the Har Habayis. The ruling Fatah party has called for mass civil disobedience later in the week. Read more at i24NEWS.

{Matzav.com Israel  Bureau}


  1. so when we Jews the supposed “winners” of the 67 war go to OUR HOLIEST site, have to go through metal detactors, the so called losers in 67 who still control the site and at best consider this their 3rd holiest site riot? The Zionists should never have allowed al-Aqsa to stand after 67.


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