Update: 36 Girls Injured in Grate Collapse at Yeshiva Shaare Torah Girls School in Flatbush


shaarei-torah[Video below.] A grate collapsed this morning at Yeshiva Shaare Torah Girls School in Flatbush, Brooklyn, injuring more than two dozen students. Officials say at least five students at the school were taken to hospitals, two of them with serious injuries. Fire officials say 27 other students were being treated on the scene for non-life-threatening injuries. Officials say the students, all girls aged 10 to 12, were lined up at the grate for picture day. The cause of the collapse is under investigation.

The school has about 260 students in grades first through eighth. The building is located on Ocean Parkway, at Church Avenue, near the Prospect Expressway.

Click below to view a video of rescue workers at the scene:

[media id=82 width=400 height=300] 

{Elisha Ferber-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Please Daven for these Shaare girls:

    Aliza bat Shoshana
    Frida bat Esther
    Rivka bat Penina
    Esther bat Sharon
    Miriam bat Esther
    Kayla bat Simona
    Batya bat Esther
    Aliza bat Alison

  2. thatk you sherly my fav cousin
    i was apart of the grate falling
    that was the scariest thing that ever happened to me i still have the newspaper and the everything they gave me before i went to the hospital it was scary but thatk hashem i saw someone getting out by climbing the part that was tilting and i climbed and fell on the floor right away because i fratured my ancle thatnk you


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