Update From The Hospital On The Victims Of Today’s Fire, Link For Donations


Matzav.com has received an update on the status of some of the Azan family members who were critically injured in last night’s fire.

Yossi has a lot of burns, he is sedated, but should be ok.

Daniel, who his father threw out of the window to save his life, suffered severe burns on his body, but his condition is stabilizing.

Shilat, the eldest is also making progress and will pull through. B’H

Please continue to daven for for Shilat bas Aliza, Daniel ben Aliza and Avraham ben Aliza.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the Azan family should go to YadYosef.org or click here: https://www.yadyosef.org/payment.php  In the payment notes section, indicate that the funds are for the Azan Family.  This is the fund run by Rabbi Ozeri




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