Update From The Lakewood – Houston Relief Team

The Lakewood – Houston Relief  Team wishes to thank the many donors and volunteers for  stepping up to the plate and donating of their time, energy and resources to make phase one of the relief effort a large success.It truly made a difference in the lives of the impacted families in Houston and got them through the initial catastrophic period.

We are currently moving forward with the next phase of the effort  to assist  the Houston community in getting back on its feet in a more structured fashion.

We have been in contact with the leaders of the community in Houston, and determined which items are no longer needed at this time, and which items are needed most urgently. Please review the list below, and if you are able, please contribute ONLY these items. Other items will not be accepted at this time. Thank you in advance for your generosity and cooperation which will allow for maximum success of the relief efforts.

The NEEDED items are:

-Diapers (Assorted sizes)

-Baby wipes.

-Baby and toddler clothing.

-Toddler Cribs.

-Small blankets.

-Infant, Baby and Children Socks. (All sizes)

-Shoes (6 months – 5 years)

-Baby Formula (Bottled). (Milk, Soy amd Hypoallergenic)

-Bottles and Pacifiers.

-Baby and Toddler Snacks (Cheerios, Gerber Bites and Squeezed Pouches, etc…)

-Pack n’ Play.

*Drop-off location & Times:*
SEASONS, 711 Cederbridge Ave. Lakewood,NJ 08701
Sunday, Sep 3rd.d. 9AM – 9PM.

As we launch this phase, please keep in mind that monetary donations are needed as well to ensure that everything the Houston community needs is available to them in their time of need. Please share this message, and the donation link with all your friends and family, so they too can contribute to this great Mitzvah.

If you feel you can be of assistance or otherwise need to reach the organizers,  please reach out to the Lakewood – Houston Relief hotline at 732-664-3028.

Donate here.

United, the Lakewood community can make a difference!!

Lakewood – Houston Relief Team.



  1. I am from Philadelphia and dropped off some items this morning at a shul serving as a collection and packing center. I believe that the trucks from Lower Merion Synagogue (the drop off point here) will join the Lakewood convoy. Watching people bring the items was so moving…it did not matter how many items but rather the concern and ערבות for others in need was so moving!

    To see whole families – parents and children of all ages – participate in many aspects of this effort was truly amazing.

    Thank you for facilitating this big מצוה!
    מי כעמך ישראל!

    • I totally agree! This is a perfect educational moment – teaching חסד בגופו. Not too late. Texas will still need our help in the coming weeks. Plus there is another major storm coming this week…chesed is not just for the adults. Plus it are these opportunities to engage teens to do things which we often miss. Let’s do it!


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