Update On Chometz After Pesach At Shoprite-Tallman in Monsey


shopriteOver the past many decades, a Vaad in Monsey had been working with the management of the Shoprite supermarket on Route 59 in Tallman to minimize the probability that chometz purchased there right after pesach has halachic problems of chometz.

Until now, this year they were not able to conclude satisfactory arrangements with the store management for this task. Therefore it was announced that they can no longer verify the arrangements for any chometz at Shoprite.

However, after last minute negotiations with the Vaad, the management of this Shoprite changed their mind. Therefore, the arrangements after pesach for chometz sold at this Shoprite will be the same as for the many years in the past. The Vaad has consisted of dedicated volunteer individuals in the Monsey community.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}



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