Update On Girl Found In Pool: Tefillos Still Needed


Earlier this week, Matzav.com reported on the story of 7-year-old Miriam, who was found unconscious in a pool in Pomona, NY.

We are B”H able to report that after round the clock tefillos and mitzvos done in Miriam’s zechus, doctors say her blood pressure other vitals have stabilized. Additionally, Miriam was seen tearing up, a sign that her body is hydrated.

However, her condition still isn’t good and Miriam bas Shoshana still needs your tefillos and rachamei shamayim.

A few months ago Miriam’s father, Shaya, began spearheading efforts to build a Mikva in his new community in Pomona.  This growing kehila currently has 150 families which presents an obvious need for this most important endeavor. Now during this eis tzara the family is trying to raise money so that the zechusim for the waters of this future Mikvah can stand as a merit for Miriam. Every donation of any size is a zechus and also a tremendous source of Chizuk for the family. 

To make donations there are two options both Tax deductible:


The family has set up a chesed fund page at  https://thechesedfund.com/cause/raising-money-for-a-mikva-as-a-zechus-for-drowning-victim.

Another option is to send a check. Checks can be made out to Cong Pomona Heights. Please put Mikva in the note area.

Address to mail checks is

Cong Pomona Heights

c/o Zidele

4 Woodfield Rd

Pomona NY 10970


  1. I just spoke to family. Condition is still really bad. Miriam is still on life support and needs tremendous tefillos. The family is so appreciate for everything klal yisroel is doing and are convinced that she’s still alive because of all the tefilla, tzedaka and massim tovim everyone is doing in Miriams zechus.


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