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ira-zlotowitzBy Ira Zlotowitz

I just spoke to Rav Nissin Kaplan and he told me that he reached the person that committed to match. He was so blown away more by the fact that the donations came in world wide and from more than 1,600 different people than the fact that over $300,000 came in already.

He got a few of his friends together and they agreed to match up to $1 million or whatever is raised by this Friday, whichever comes first.

Please spread this news. Maybe if we wow them again they will match new levels!


The below is how it all began….


Ira Zlotowitz | President

Eastern Union Funding

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From: Ira Zlotowitz <iraz@easternuc.com>

Date: November 19, 2014 at 10:01:24 AM EST
To: Ira Zlotowitz <iraz@easternuc.com>
Subject: Read the chain, donate, and forward…

Hashem Yeracheim!


After reading your email below I spoke to Rav Nissin Kaplan. He is also a neighbor. I told him we need to do something. A website has just been thrown up where you and people you know can donate money that will go to the Almonos before any official Keren kicks in.

Some are so poor, that the local grocery sent basic cake and drinks to one house, and Rav Nissin told me that one of the kids was commenting how nice and special that was. For them cake was the biggest treat.

I gave $2,000 ($500 per family). Please join me in what you can. Please at least give something.


Ira Zlotowitz | President

Eastern Union Funding

Mobile: (917) 597-2197

Fax: (732) 783-0296



On Nov 19, 2014, at 3:07 AM, Jack Charlap  wrote:


Yes, all the above is true.
Thanks for going out of your comfort zone and being so caring!

We are all still waking up from the tragedy, my mom is on her way to help my brother out with his kids coming back in to shul this morning and seeing all the bullet holes, reminded us all that unfortunately it wasn’t just a terrible nightmare!!

The scary part is, speaking to all those were on the site, these קדושים weren’t just killed, they were literally butchered, some of them into pieces!!

And that in one minute there are 24 new יתומים all on one block! Some of them are even in the same class as the others! Just imagine, two girls in eighth grade in the same class lost their fathers together!!

And 4 widows who will now forever be going to sleep alone, all done with their husbands regular daily routine who go to shul at 6:15 and normally come back at 7:15, but this time they are gone forever, who knows if there wives were even up in the morning to say GOOD BYE before they left, for the very last time!!

We should only share good news!!

ה׳ יקום דמם!!

thank you,

Jack Charlap | Loan Consultant

Eastern Union Funding
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