Urgent Plea to Secure Har Hazeisim as Kever of Terror Victim Avrohom Wallis Hy”d Badly Desecrated

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avrohom-wallisAvrohom Wallis hy”d was only 29 when he was killed by an Arab terrorist with a tractor at a construction site in Yerushalayim last August. Thousands attended his levaya enroute to his final resting place on Har Hazeisim. Ironically Wallis was at the site as an inspector for the Atra Kadisha to assure that no human remains were buried there. This week Arab hoodlums using huge boulders defiled and desecrated his kever. Masked Arab hooligans last Sunday also set a fire and broke several graves in the Ger chelka, the third time this has happened since Yom Kippur.

“This new violence is intolerable and must be a priority of the government even as coalition talks continue,” said Avrohom Lubinsky, Chairman of the International Committee for the Preservation of Har Hazeisim. “This on-again – off-again policing must come to an end,” he added. Mr. Lubinsky explained that police manning the substation on Har Hazeisim frequently left the station vacant allowing the Arab hoodlums to perpetrate their destruction without any fear of retribution. “When the police and security forces are there it is quiet, but when they are not, the Arabs take full advantage of their absence,” Lubinsky said. This, despite the fact that the 3000-year old cemetery is ringed by 137 surveillance cameras.

wallisMembers of the ICPHH are hoping that a newly formed government will once and for all adopt a tough policy towards the local Arabs who continue to defile the cemetery. A delegation of leading members of the Committee is planning to travel to Israel after a new government is formed to raise “the ire of world Jewry that the national cemetery of the Jewish people is not protected as it should be. On the agenda will be the construction of a wall with sophisticated electronic gear, the construction of a new Visitor’s Center and shul, the enactment of a tough new law against rock throwers and a major upgrade of transportation to the holy site. More than 150,000 Jews are buried on Har Hazeisim with 400 new burials every year.

Mr. Lubinsky concluded: “As Jews worldwide celebrate Pesach, they should reflect on the fact that no Jew can rest and feel free until the Jews buried on Har Hazeisim can finally rest!”

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  1. Wallis was not killed by a terrorist.
    Get your story straight.
    The Jewish construction site manager told this Arab employed by him as a tractor operator to scare away the uninvited observer. That “scare” ended in a most unfortunate tragedy.

  2. We wish u luck Reb Lubinsky in getting the new/old/forming government to act against ARAB terrorism. It has not been on the agenda in the ole government & hopefully some parties will raise their voice to protect the LIVING & DeD from ARAB hooligans.

  3. We hear these stories often. When does Israel assert its sovereignty and end the desecrations? Calling the PM: do it already!

  4. 137 surveillance cameras only help you catch and capture the hoodlum after the fact. Nobody is sitting in some bunker watching the cameras 24/6.

    Now, if the police would catch a few of these guys and break a few bones and make them feel that they’d rather join the Jews buried there, that might have a deterrence effect.


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