Uri Lupolianski Sentenced to Six Years in Prison


uri-lupolianskyFormer Yerushalayim Mayor Uri Lupolianski was sentenced to six years imprisonment this morning and fined NIS 500,000 ($144,850) for accepting bribes in the Holyland affair.

Judge David Rozen ruled that Lupolianski, despite suffering from cancer, will serve his sentence in an Israeli prison. Rozen had previously decided to postpone a June 9 sentencing hearing after Lupolianski was hospitalized with pneumonia.

The harsh sentence came as a surprise after the judge told prosecutors that he was leaning toward a light sentence for Lupolianski due to his ailing health and the fact that he had not taken any bribes for himself. Lupolianski used the money he received in the Holyland affair – NIS 1.25 million – to fund Yad Sarah, one of Israel’s largest charitable organizations, which he founded.

Rozen said that while he had taken all of the mitigating factors into consideration, in the opinion of the justice and prison systems Lupolianski would be able to serve his sentence under suitable conditions, despite his illness.

He added that even though Lupolianski had used the money for charity, it did not offset the damage his actions had caused and the fact that he had committed the same crimes as others convicted in the affair. Read more at The Times of Israel.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. What did Rozen “take” for his change of mind? Did the Commintern advise him on correct ethics? Did Rozen hold up a victorious finger (or three)?

  2. Wow, Wow, Wow!
    So Olmert’s crime, where he self-agraciated, is, in the eyes of the israeli judge, (lower case intended) is less serious, for got only 5 years! You see how crooked a non- Torah mind can think?
    The fact remains that he was a great mayor! I feel so sorry for him!

  3. There is something mighty wrong with the Israeli justice system (if you can call it that). They do something as mean as the above, and, but also free thousands of Arab prisoners which allows them back on the streets to harm Israel’s own people.
    Israel courts: Are you totally insane?
    Shame on You.

  4. So when u hear people screaming Nazi on this judge u know why!!!!

    This heartless animal sitting there with a robe is an embarrassment to Israel and human society!!!!

  5. The heartless capriciousness of this Israeli judge rivals that of the judge who sentenced Sholom Rubashkin to 27 years for a first time paper offence. Rabbi Lupolianski should have been fined and given a suspended sentence.

  6. For shame. The “justice” system is as corrupt as are the Israeli politicians. Olmert, the mastermind who pocketed the bribes gets less than Lupolianski who did it for charity. But he is an Orthodox Jew. Makes no difference that he helped all Israelis thru Yad Sarah – even chilonim. He is frum so he will be treated worse and unfairly. No wonder that frum people despise the medina.


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