US Coalition Air Strike On ISIS Jail Kills 57 Prisoners In Eastern Syria


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has said 57 people are thought to have been killed in an US-led air strike in an eastern Syrian town controlled by ISIS.

The UK-based war monitor said the air strike took place on Monday at dawn, hitting a building in al-Mayadeen used to house dissenters against Isis’ rule. At least 15 ISIS fighters and jailers were reported among the dead in the attack in Deir Ezzour province.

It was not immediately clear how either the Observatory or Deir Ezzour 24 identified the aircraft responsible for the strike. Syrian state television also said the US-led coalition had carried out the bombing and that the building was known to hold a “large number” of civilians.

The Russian and Syrian air forces also carry out frequent attacks on ISIS positions across the country. Read more at The Independent.




  1. I don’t understand. 57 people are killed and 42 are civilians. When Israel is attacked and fights back and one civilian is killed(who may not even be a civilian) and the whole world is up in arms. The UN does it investigation etc. so why is it OKAY here? Why here everybody looks the other way?


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