U.S. Considers Some Free Wireless Broadband Service


internet-websiteU.S. regulators may dedicate spectrum to free wireless Internet service for some Americans to increase affordable broadband service nationwide, the Federal Communications Commission said today.

The FCC provided few details about how it would carry out such a plan and who would qualify, but will make a recommendation under the National Broadband Plan set for release next week. The agency will determine details later.

One way of making broadband more affordable is to “consider use of spectrum for a free or a very low cost wireless broadband service,” the FCC said in a statement.

The FCC statement was released during a Digital Inclusion Summit aimed at connecting one-third of Americans without home broadband service.

The FCC also said there would also be a recommendation in the broadband blueprint to launch a Digital Literacy Corps of volunteers who would provide training to communities with low rates of adoption.

{Reuters/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. eventually, wireless internet will be all over the US, either for free, of for extremely cheap. What will we do then to protect our children from the internet? it wont be enough just not to have at home. there must be another way. and we must think of it soon…

  2. I think we should first exercise our most important and vital act of defense, and that is making sure that our children have a open relationship with us, and have no problem telling us whatever is bothering them, without being judged. if we are very close and caring with no judging on our part, with our children, well this should be a big factor that could prevent us loosing our children to internet so exposed and accessable, its not the whole answer, but its definitely a first step in guarding our children.


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