U.S.-Led Syria Strikes Kill 52 Civilians



An air strike by U.S.-led forces in the Syrian province of Aleppo has led to the death of 52 civilians, including seven children, according to the Britain-based Observatory for Human Rights.

The organization said the attack targeted civilians in a village by mistake.

The death toll is the highest civilian loss from a single attack by U.S.-led forces since they began air strikes against ISIS in Syria, according to the organization. Read more.



  1. U.N. must call for an emergency session of the Security Council, draft a resolution and condemn the U.S.
    “Mr. Apologize for America” currently residing at the tax-payer shelter on Pennsylvania Avenue should apologize at once!!! lest he be accused od hypocrisy.

  2. I expect a full investigation by the UN. I would hope they will bring War Crime charges against Mr. Obama.


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