U.S. Opposes Using the Term “State of Palestine”


abbasAs reported yesterday by Matzav.com Israel, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas wants official documents to carry a new emblem: “State of Palestine,” but he is not rushing to change passports and ID cards Palestinians need to pass through Israeli crossings.

Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev dismissed the name change as pointless. “Instead of looking for gimmicks, Palestinians should negotiate with Israel to bring about the end of the conflict,” he said. “That will lead to a situation of two states for two peoples.”

In Washington, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland expressed U.S. opposition to using the term “State of Palestine.” “You can’t create a state by rhetoric and with labels and names….You can only create a state, in this context, through bilateral negotiations,” she said, calling Abbas’ decision “provocative.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. “In Washington, State Department spokes.. … expressed U.S. opposition to using the term ‘State of Palestine.'”

    If they really “opposed” it, they would have made sure that the PA never would have gotten official recognition in the U.N.
    Obama didn’t. Arafat had tried this shtick twice before. Regan and Bush senior both made it clear to the UN that the US will not contribute another cent to the UN, and the idea stopped there. Obama, naturally, did not do this. BUT, he will express “opposition” and declare that he “has Israels back”. Uun hah.


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