US Stopping Use of Term ‘Negro’ for Census Surveys


censusAfter more than a century, the Census Bureau is dropping its use of the word “Negro” to describe black Americans in surveys.

Instead of the term that came into use during the Jim Crow era of racial segregation, census forms will use the more modern labels “black” or “African-American.”

Nicholas Jones is chief of the Census Bureau’s racial statistics branch. He tells The Associated Press that the change will take effect next year, when the bureau distributes its annual American Community Survey to more than 3.5 million U.S. households.

According to Jones, months of public feedback and census research concluded that few black Americans still identify with being Negro, and many view the term as offensive and outdated. The term Negro was first used in the census in 1900.

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  1. So what are the census workers going to write in Spanish for negro? Its says that on my shoe polish in Spanish , white is going to be banned soon because they will be the minority in 2015 and how will they change it in sign language?

  2. “Persona de color”, silly. Census terms change over time because what people want to be called changes. Would you want to be called “sheeny?” How about “Hebe?” We’ve been there, and we should know.

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