Using Hairspray On Shabbos


hairsprayOne is permitted to spray one’s hair (e.g. sprinkle or hand-pat water on frizzy hair) on Shabbos as long as it is not very wet, because the Melocho of Melabain (cleaning or scouring) does not apply to the human body. (If the hair gets very wet it may not be squeezed out since hair is subject to the prohibition of S’chita – squeezing). However, the use of hairspray which will stiffen the hair and form a structure may involve the Melocho of Boneh (building). If one sprays the hair first and then styles and shapes it; this would be prohibited on Shabbos because it is similar to Boneh. However, some poskim permit the use of hairspray if one is careful to first style and shape the hair, and then only afterwards add the hairspray. When done in this manner the loose hair is shaped at the time of styling, and does not resemble Boneh because the hair is loose. The subsequent spraying merely acts to retain a pre-existing shape. Once the hair has been sprayed it can no longer be shaped, styled, or touched. {We mentioned previously that the use of hairspray on Shabbos also does not involve the Melocho of Zoreh.}

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