Veterans Affairs ‘Wastes $6B’ Every Year



An internal report by the Department of Veterans Affairs’ deputy assistant secretary for acquisition and logistics accuses the agency of “gross mismanagement” and of misallocating $6 billion annually.

“I can state without reservation that VA has and continues to waste millions of dollars by paying excessive prices for goods and services due to breaches of federal laws,” writes Jan Frye. Chief among the allegations are that the agency doesn’t engage in competitive bidding processes to ensure best prices, and that it has failed to “sign contracts with outside hospital and health-care providers that offer medical care for veterans that the agency cannot provide.”

A spokeswoman said some of the department’s purchases fall outside the purview of federal acquisition law, and that it is working with Congress to streamline ways of seeking aid outside the VA system. Read more at The Washington Post.

{Andy Newscenter}


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