Victims And Terrorist Of Today’s Attack Identified

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The Israel Police / Border Police, have released a statement on the terror attack in Har Adar today, expressing their deep regret of the the death of St.-Sgt. Solomon Gvaria, a Border Police fighter.

In the morning hours, a Palestinian terrorist arrived at the back of the settlement of Har Adar, when Palestinian workers entered the settlement with work permits.

After raising the suspicions of the security guards and soldiers who were there, the terrorist drew a gun and began firing at the forces. As a result of the exchanges of fire, one Israeli was injured and two security guards and a Border Guard soldier were killed.

Sgt. Solomon Gvaria, a 20-year-old resident of Be’er Ya’akov, was drafted to serve in the Border Police a year and a half ago, and served as a combat soldier in the border area of ​​Jerusalem.

The other 2 victims of today’s terror attack: civilian security guards Youssef Ottman, 25, from Abu Ghosh and Or Arish, 25, a resident of Har Adar.

The Shin Bet identified the terrorist as 37-year-old Nimer Mahmud Ahmad Jamal, a father of four who had work permit in the settlement. An initial investigation revealed that the victim had significant personal and family problems, including domestic violence. It was also revealed that the terrorist’s wife fled to Jordan several weeks ago and left him with his 4 children. The investigation into the attack continues.

Jamal reportedly had a fight with his wife recently, and she ran off to Jordan, leaving him with their 4 children.

Ministers Galant and Erdan have called for the harshest of punishments for terrorists and their families. Both called for the houses to be destroyed and the families to be exiled.

Yoav Galant, however, differentiated between Palestinians and terrorists. “There is no need to withhold work permits from those not involved in terror” although he did call for thorough background checks.

MK and Deputy Speaker Nava Boker responded to the murderous attack on Har Adar: “We are not allowed to bury the body of the despicable terrorist, Nimr Mahmud Ahmad Gamal.”

“The body of the devil should be thrown into the sea. The devil should be thrown into the sea in a show of no honor, and our moral duty is to destroy the house of the terrorist and expel his family, and only in this way will the families refrain from encouraging their sons to commit massacres. A legislative process will soon take place to enshrine this in law, and may the memory of the murdered will be blessed. ”

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s response to this morning’s attack on Har Adar:

“My condolences to the families of the murdered and the speedy recovery of the wounded in the attack on Har Adar this morning. In the face of this terror, we will continue to act with force and determination. We will pursue the terrorists, their dispatchers and instigators at all times and everywhere, and we will strike them as happens almost every night.

“The Palestinian Authority continues to incite the murder of Jews and to praise murderers, and this is a major reason that the atmosphere of incitement in the media and social networks leads to terrorist attacks against the citizens of the State of Israel.” There is no difference between Palestinian terrorism, which is institutionalized, and raidical Islamic terrorism which hits in Europe and other places in the world. before talking about any negotiations, the world must demand that the Palestinian Authority stop the incitement and fanning terror. ”

Nihmer Mahmud Ahmad Jamal, 37, shot and killed three Israelis

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  1. I agree we should give them the benefit of the doubt and we should give them a housing in your neighborhood so that you can deal with the effects of your generosity

    The terrorists know they have free “reign” in Israel because the pro-Arab anti-Israel liberal judges are on their side. They know that no soldier would dare kill them and they’ll be off to Israel’s revolving door jail only for a short time. So why not?

  3. Because the secular government of Israel is the most corrupt in the world and they are more concerned about an unarmed Yerushalmi calling provocateurs, strutting down Meah Shearim “hurtful” names, than they are of murderous Arab terrorists who want every Jew, man woman child dead!


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