Video: Eli, RCCS and 8th Day, Standing 2Gether


8th-day-eli-gradon[Video below.]

Eli Gradon is a brave child.

Eli is a nine year old, angelic boy, who is fighting a battle against cancer. Throughout the many treatments, procedures and protocols, Eli fights on and inspires those around him with his strength and resolve.
Eli is one of thousands of patients being helped by RCCS.

Eli, like many boys his age, is a big fan of “8th Day”, the talented musical duo who spread cheer and inspiration throughout the world with their clever and catchy lyrics. So, imagine Eli’s pleasant surprise when the 8th Day team showed up at his home to record a song with him!

That’s right! Last Sunday, 8th Day set up a portable recording studio right in Eli’s room, and along with a small entourage, including Eli’s Rebbi, classmates, neighbors and friends, a brand new song was recorded for RCCS with a message of hope and inspiration. Not only was Eli a spectator, he was a very talented participant! Eli and 8th Day, 2gether, can be heard on this track expressing their sweet voices in unison, spreading a message that by standing shoulder to shoulder – all 2gether – we can accomplish anything.

This music video produced by fwd/NYC, is sure to be a vehicle through which multitudes of people will better understand the challenges faced by cancer patients and the hope afforded them by the life-saving activities of RCCS.

8th Day will also be featured guests at the upcoming RCCS annual 2gether Event, the live auction drawing, considered by many as the entertainment highlight of the year in the Jewish world. Stay tuned for further details about this fabulous evening, where the theme of “Let’s beat cancer 2gether” will resonate, not just as a theme, but as a realistic battle cry!

Eli is a fighter. Eli teaches us all how to fight with dignity and grace. Eli inspires all who are fortunate enough to know him. Let us all look to Eli for inspiration and let us all, indeed, do our part to beat cancer from our midst, B’Ezras Hashem.

2gether.Only 2gether.

Make a difference by helping Eli and so many others by donating to the upcoming RCCS auction by calling 877.332.2808 or online


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