Video Allegedly Shows ISIS Jihadist Smashing Kever of the Yonah Hanovi


novi-yonah-keverA video has been released allegedly showing a jihadist from the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) terror group smashing the kever of the novi Yonah  in the Iraqi city of Mosul.


According to the Daily Mail, Iraqi authorities have confirmed that one of the graves smashed with a sledgehammer belonged to Yonah.

“Elements of ISIS [have] controlled the mosque of the Prophet Younis (Yonah) in Mosul since they invaded the city,” Nineveh Province official Zuhair Al-Chalabi was quoted as saying by

The destruction of the tomb, however, has yet to be independently confirmed.

Radical Muslims consider any special veneration of tombs or relics to be against the teachings of Islam. In 2001, the Taliban famously destroyed the ancient giant Buddas of Bamiyan statues in Afghanistan.


{ Israel}


  1. See Meshech. Chochma……

    On pasuk beseiva tova by avraham avinu

    He says before moshiach it will be the Arabs who will destroy all idols in world

    He quotes the ramban that those Arabs will be the most. Wild. Dangerous and

  2. yonah not buried there, before in his hometown in the galile. this is the site christians believed he was burried. in any case, it shows the barbarity and outer disrepect fundamentalist muslims have on kevorim. just the other week it was not well reported that kever yossef hatsadik was almost torched by these human animals


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