Video: Asifa Highlights Crisis – Untold Numbers of Frum Teens Being Ruined By Text Messaging and Cell Phones


shraga-weber[Video below.] An asifa was held last night to bring to the attention of the public the dangers of text messaging and cell phones. The event, titled “Technology, Shidduchim & Kiruv,” featured a number of speakers, including Reb Shraga Weber, whose remarks shook the attendees to the core, as he related story after story about how text messaging has literally ruined the lives of untold numbers of frum teens.

Reb Shraga is the owner of Lakewood Beepers and has seen firsthand the damage that is being caused. He has extensive knowledge of this matter and has addressed gatherings in numerous communities, with the support and approval of gedolim. His listeners usually leave dumbfounded, not having been aware of what is occurring in countless communities, including their own, with not enough being done to combat the dangers.

The following 18-minute must-see video contains stories that demonstrate the immense dangers that are out there and the lives that have already been ruined sue to text messaging. Reb Shraga also discussed the effects of enhanced cell phone features and the greater need for restricted cell phone service.

To watch a portion of his remarks, click below:

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