Video: Bloomberg Visits Hamodia


bloomberg-hamodia[Video below.] Mayor Bloomberg made an unannounced visit to the Brooklyn offices of the Hamodia newspaper on Foster Avenue this morning, popping in with full retinue for an hour-plus interview with the paper’s¬†editorial board. (See here and here for two earlier stories regarding Bloomberg and Thompson and the Hamodia newspaper, which is led by Mrs. Ruth Lichtenstein.)

Hamodia interviewed Thompson weeks ago, and though it has not made an endorsement yet, it found itself the center of anti-Bloomberg sentiment after former Mayor Rudy Giuliani made remarks last weekend.

It comes as Controller William Thompson appears to be making some headway in Brooklyn’s frum community, with yesterday’s endorsement from Assemblyman Dov Hikind merely showing to outsiders what has been simmering below the surface for months.

The Yated Ne’eman newspaper and Mishpacha Magazine, two of the largest publications serving the frum community, have endorsed Bloomberg.

Yesterday, Bloomberg made an unscheduled stop in Borough Park to announce he was restoring child care vouchers primarily aimed at Orthodox families. He was accompanied there, and again today, by Councilman Simcha Felder (who seems to have patched things up with Bloomberg after their earlier falling-out over earmarks for Orthodox groups.

“More conservative neighborhoods, whether here or in Staten Island, are more focused on security and safety — especially after the events of Sept. 11 — and will come out en masse for Mayor Bloomberg,” said Felder.

Here’s video of Bloomberg leaving the meeting, ignoring a guy who says “I would love to vote, but tell me why” (it sounds like Bloomberg replies, “You can’t please everybody”), and giving us a friendly look at Felder. Click below:

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{NY Daily News/ Newscenter/Photo: Hillel Engel}


  1. Simcha Felder never had anything to patch things up with. They always got along. What paper are you reading? Secondly Mayor Bloomberg NEVER said he is restoring anything. What the Mayor said and the exact words used by the mayor was as foolows, ” I am OPTIMISTIC that we can extend the program for the next budget and hopefully in the future.”

    The Mayor made no promise in a second meeting when he was aksed again about priority 7.

    In the second meeting the mayor said, ” I can’t promise anything. All I can say is we are OPTIMISTIC that the program can be restored.”

    People will fall for this baloney because many people are taking the words OPTIMISTIC as meaning it’s a done deal.

    How many times have politicans promised and used all kinds of words and then told us where to go after they won and after all said and done? A politician is a politician.

    Mayor Bloomberg cut the funding then put it back on and has the chutzpah to take out adds in the Yated and takes credit for it.

    Does the Mayor think we are all stupid?

    The Mayor stated at another meeting that the priotity 7 is a constitutional problem.

    Oh, all of a sudden he balmes the constitution but when it comes to gun rights which he is against and also a major consituion battele he pumped in millions of dollars to fight the NRA and anyone in his way.

    We are not stupid and we are tired of the bullying tactics.

    Term limits was not over turned and done within the law but the way Bloomberg went about it was totally arrogant and basically was telling all voters that he does not care.

    It just so happens that in this weeks parsha there is a yerushalmiy that discusses why the mabul came about. One of the reasons was that people in that generation would steal money and do all kinds of shtick and manipulate things within the guidelines of halacha and they would walk around justifying that everything is ok because of xyz. g-d punished that generation because just because your doing something in the “right” does not always make it right.

    Mike Bloomberg taxes new Yorkers to death and it’s enough already. Cut the waste from the unions and leave the middle class alone.

    And if you think the tax non sense is over we are getting hit with bottled water and starting March 1st all new Yorkers will get a new license plate and be charged 25.00 wether you like it or not.

    Thank city hall and thank Gov paterson.

    get rid of all these democrats and liberals. Enough is enough and please VOTE.


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