Video: Chasdei Lev Steps Up to Help Heroes of Chinuch


The following is a message sent out  by Chasdei Lev in advance of their Pesach distribution, a video of which can be seen below:

לכבוד ידידנו הגדול הרב שליט”א
As a rebbi, your mesirus nefehs yomam volaylah is apparent throughout the year. We truly value and appreciate your devotion to our children. Therefore, we want to demonstrate our hakoras hatov by helping to ease the burden of providing for your family for Yom Tov. We are pleased to present you with a shopping list of food and household necessities at drastically reduced prices. The items on this list were purchased directly from manufacturers and distributors at below wholesale prices. Your yeshiva has graciously
agreed to participate in bearing a significant portion of the cost to help make this possible.
Thank you again,
Chasdei Lev




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