Video: Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership


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  1. Mr. Hall, there is no hiding the obvious fact that the Democratic Party’s policies have had exactly the effect they wanted them to have on the low-income black community: keeping these people on welfare so that they are dependent on government, while opposing efforts like school choice and charter schools so that the next generation has no way of climbing out of poverty and becoming independent.

    It is well-documented that the population to be hurt the most by any minimum wage hike is this same low-income black community. Because wage hikes mean layoffs. And places will hire illegal immigrants who are willing to work for far less.

    As for crime, whenever a white man kills a black man – or teenager – the Dems go on the warpath. But they completely ignore the horrific rates of black-on-black crime. The same week that Trayvon Martin was shot, a little black baby in Chicago (or Detroit – don’t remember which, sorry) was killed by gunfire from a gang. We all know the coverage that Martin got; what about this poor little baby girl and her mother?

    This is no setup by the Republican Party. It is the Democratic Party that insists on setting up the black community, time and time again, in order to keep them dependent on government so they will have no choice but to vote Democrat.

    Kudos to these men who are speaking up. It’s about time.


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