Videos: Christie’s Victory Speech, Corzine Concedes


christie5[Videos below.] New Jersey’s Republican Governor-elect Chris Christie struck a pretty aggressive tone during his victory speech last night. “Tomorrow begins the task of fixing our broken state,” he¬†declared. Corzine called Christie to concede and gave a concession speech of his own earlier. Christie said Corzine’s call was “gracious.”In Christie’s own speech, he said, “The people of New Jersey said, ‘No more negative personal campaigns’ In the face of a $30 million onslaught that consisted almost exclusively of negative personal campaigns against me, my family and my friends, the people of New Jersey decided enough is enough.

“Tomorrow we’re gonna take back New Jersey for our families. Tomorrow we’re gonna take back New Jersey for our neighbors. Tomorrow we’re gonna take back New Jersey for the least fortunate among us who do not want the government to fix every problem.”

To watch his victory speech, click below:

[media id=268 width=320 height=240]

To watch Corzine’s concession speech, click below:

[media id=269 width=400 height=300]

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