Video: Democrat Compares Health Care Crisis to the Holocaust


rep-alan-grayson[Video below.] Florida Rep. Alan Grayson, under fire for conservatives for describing the gist of their health care plans as “die quickly,” is not exactly backing down from claims he’s crossed a line of civility. A short while ago, on the floor, he called on members of the House to pass health care reform┬áin the most extreme terms possible:”I apologize to the dead and their families that we haven’t voted sooner to end this holocaust in America,” Grayson said.

To watch a video of his comment, click below:

[media id=195 width=400 height=300]



  1. Can his number be posted that we can all call up to complain. Its a disgrace, and for the sake of all of let us all together try to make sure that the holocaust isn’t made lite of.

  2. your headline is a false assertion and the dicrect exact qwuote proves that is not specifically what he said. the term holocaust as a desciprtor is not the exlcusive domain of “THE holocaust” an thus something can be explains as “A holocuast” which is a death of many by fierce fire.

  3. for a liberal, not having air conditioning is a holocaust. Unless people are fatted cattle comfortably awaiting their purposeless deaths while furthering the species’ ‘intellect’, liberals will never be happy.


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