Video: Elazar Lipa Schmeltzer at Wedding of Son of Rav Yekutiel Abuchatzeirah


rav-yekutiel[Video below.] This week, a son of Rav Yekutiel Abuchatzeirah got married in Eretz Yisroel. Rav Yekutiel is a son of Rav Meir Abuchatzeira, known as Baba Meir of Ashdod, who was a son of Rav Yisrael Abuchatzeira, the legendary Baba Sali. Rav Yekutiel and his brothers, Rav Elazar and Rav David, are held in high esteem and respected for their yedios haTorah and piety. At the wedding this week, a special guest from the United States, Elazar Lipa Shmeltzer, was mesamei’ach the chosson and kallah with beautiful singing. In the following video, R’ Elazar Lipa sings the popular song Anavim, mixing in his own original lyrics in honor of the occasion.

 To watch, click below:

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 {Dovid Newscenter}


  1. Why is he posted as Eliezer Lipa Schmeltzer if everyone just knows him as Lipa? Perhaps so poeple shouldn’t realize that Lipa sung at such a chashuva wedding?!

  2. Why does it seem that most of the crowd are Ashkenaz/Litvish? Aren’t they Sefarade?
    Also how much was Lipa paid to sing at the wedding?


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