Video: Footage Shows Paris Gunmen On Rampage


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  1. Matzav- are you in competition with world media to publicize the most horrendous images a human can endure?
    Theres no need to publicize cold blooded execution videos. If people want to see it, they can find it elsewhere.

  2. Why do we post these videos. We are am yisrael. We are sensitive and don’t relish watching death and killing. Why should wonderful innocent children going to a “kosher” site be exposed to this. What is the gain? Please please please take this down.

  3. This extreme violence footage does not need to be seen by Jewish eyes.
    Young eyes look to this site as well. Please be more selective in the level of information you present.

  4. thank you for showing this video. the person who wrote that anyone who wants could watch this video elsewhere is 100 % wrong because most Tiorah people do not have internet access. and I am maker tov to hashem for making this kosher site where one could see and read the news with out having to face nisyoinos.a site like this is needed in klal yisroel.if your tahor’dika eyes are too delicate then don’t watch it. thank you matzav. and the guy who wrote lol should see a doctor b’karov unless he’s laughing at the other comments


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