Video: In Foiled Attack, Heroic Israeli Border Cop Jumped Through Car Window


border-police-car[Video below.] Security camera footage of a thwarted terror attack last week south of Jerusalem shows a fast-thinking Border Policeman jumped into the moving vehicle, packed with explosives, after it raised suspicions.

In the recently uploaded video of the incident, the car can be seen stopped at a checkpoint adjacent to Beitar Illit, and an officer approaches the vehicle for inspection.

The perpetrator, a Palestinian male, was said to have been wearing a wig.

Moments later, the car began to drive away. The officer can then be seen hurling himself headfirst through the window, his legs flailing, presumably to turn off the ignition.

The car is stopped seconds later, as other police officers rush to stop the perpetrator.

In the car, security forces found several explosive devices attached to gas balloons.


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Source: The Times of Israel

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  1. This show how carlefull the Israelis are in this situations. If it would be the mexican border…the Americans would just shoot! Trying hard to preserve live! Incredible! Rachamonim benei Rachamonim!


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