Video: Israeli Family Avoided Near Lynching at Moscow Soccer Game


Belgian soccer fans helped an Israeli family avoid a near lynching at Spartak Stadium in Moscow by Tunisian fans.

Belgium beat Tunisia 5-2.

The fans attacked the Israeli family, screaming “Palestine” at them.

The Israeli father, holding an Israeli flag, told Israeli media, “I have no concessions to make as to my two passions, Israel and soccer. This is my flag, this is my country, and I will wear my flag proudly.”



  1. Despicable and disgusting thing of course.

    Nevertheless, however, it is appropriate and reasonable to ask if a Yid should be at such an event bichlal, and especially with a flag like the one the Israeli guy displayed so prominently. A football (soccer) match is a place of הוללות /wildness and not a place of yiras shamayim. Many people have died at, or as a result of soccer-football rioting.

    A Jew’s place is not at such events.

  2. The father made a great mistake. My zeidi went a soccer game in Berlin 1937 and was almost killed. It was either leave the country or not play soccer. He didn’t play again until 1958 in August I believe. Why are the concessions so high price? This level is meshugnu.


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