Video: It’s Purim: Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?


purim1[Video below.] readers are urged to watch the video below, which raises awareness regarding children and the dangers of drinking on Purim.

All are urged to be especially cautious about alcohol consumption this Motzoei Shabbos and Sunday.

There have been many stories of the tragic results of Purim drinking, and it is important to reiterate that Purim is a time for fun and celebration, not for tragic consequences. Less known is the fact that it is against the law for an adult to knowingly provide alcohol to individuals who are underage.

To watch, click below:

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  1. This video should have ended with a shot of Hatzalah picking up the boy who passed out, and the frantic activity in the emergency room to keep him alive after severe alcohol poisoning. Gedaliah is right. Talk to your children, with love, and remember, it could be a matter of life and death. People die from alcohol poisoning. On Purim, too.


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