Video: Kiruv Training Q & A with Rabbi Chaim Mintz


rabbi-mintz[Video below.] Over one hundred TorahMates volunteers gathered at Oorah on Monday night for an evening of chizuk and inspiration.

A highlight of the evening was a question and answer session with Rabbi Chaim Mintz, shlita, founder and spiritual leader of Oorah. The questions posed reflected the diverse situations that TorahMates encounter.

One volunteer wanted guidance on how to explain karbanos, a topic that comes up while learning the weekly parsha, to his vegetarian TorahMate. Another wanted to know what to advise a TorahMate who is upset that her husband feeds their children non-kosher food. R’ Chaim’s wisdom and insight is apparent in every answer as he expertly guides the dedicated Oorah volunteers, “ordinary” men and women, in their mission of sharing their Torah knowledge and love of Yiddishkeit to others.

Torahmates is partially funded by kars for kids.


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