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rabbi-miller[Video below.] Rabbi Chaim Miller, Head of Kol Menachem, sat with Yosef Shidler and to discuss his new sefer on the 13 Principles of Faith. Introduced this month is the second volume in the Judaica series on the Thirteen Principles of Faith published by Kol Menachem.

The series of lessons in the new volume, hailed as “groundbreaking” by critics, provides one with scholarly insight into the principles and foundation of Judaism, which until now have not been addressed in English in such an extensive manner.

Feeling that such fundamental material is not adequately addressed in academic curricula, the author, Rabbi Chaim Miller, began to work on this initiative back in 2006, seeking to fill a void in fundamental Jewish literature.”Without studying the Rambam’s Thirteen Principles of Faith at some depth, one really cannot come to a full appreciation of Judaism,” assesses Rabbi Miller.

The sequence blends veins of Jewish medieval tradition – works by the Rambam, Rabbi Saadya Gaon, and Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi – with those of mystical Kabbalistic tradition – including text on the Zohar, the Ari, and other masters – to create a newly accessible Jewish theological tradition.

Keeping in mind both the interests of those with little background in Torah study and of those with vast knowledge of Jewish text, Kol Menachem has succeeded in bringing a new chapter of scholarship to the masses, elucidating the teachings of the Rebbe. The publication of the series has been made possible due to the generosity of Mr. David Slager.

Click here for a sample of the new volume.

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