Video: Missing Girls Found After Ten Years in Cleveland


cleveland-missing-girls[Must see video below.] This should give hope to desperate families everywhere.

Cleveland police say they’ve found three missing women who disappeared as teens from the same neigborhood around the turn of the century.

Michelle Knight, now 32, disappeared in 2002; Amanda Berry, 27, was last seen in 2003; Gina DeJesus, 23, went missing in 2004.

The women were found in a house along with several children after Berry made a frantic 911 call, saying she had been “missing for ten years” and knew she had been “in the news.” The three women have since checked into a local hospital and a 52-year-old man named Ariel Castro has been arrested. Neighbors said the house was always dark, with boarded-up windows, and that Castro always entered through the back door.

The man who found the missing girls gave perhaps the best interview ever. CLICK BELOW TO WATCH:

[media id=1654 width=400 height=300]

Read more at The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Can’t see video from my phone but I do have some questions. I can’t understand how none of them could of made a phone call in all of these years??? The neigbors never noticed or heard anything? This is the 1st time ever that Ms Berry was ever left alone? There must be more to the story! This stinks like a cover up worse than Bengazi! Why is Matzav “reporting” another National Inquirer story? Let’s get back to the Deri/Lipmann/Lapid/Kiddush crises/Tuition crises/visiting day(yes/no)/shaving(allowed/not allowed) , etc, stories!

  2. Don’t worry “skdoula”. This story is so big it hit the international news last night as I watched it on the BBC. Given I live in the Ohio area myself and did not expect it to be an international story, it is very much decent for a coverage like Matzav to mention it if at the least to keep our people in the news stream and thus also giving us a place to comment. Really amazing story. I said some tehillim after the news last night.

  3. To those of you asking why Matzav is printing this story:

    Everything in the world is for us to learn from. We have to think of why is Hashem making this happen and what are we supposed to learn from it.


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