Video: New Corzine Ad Aims for Obama Bounce, Shows Frum Lakewood Resident


corzine-obama[Video below.] Down by double digits in the polls to Republican Chris Christie, Gov. Jon Corzine (D-N.J.) is looking for some Obama momentum.Corzine has released an ad featuring footage from the speech President Obama delivered at a rally for the governor’s reelection campaign last month. In the ad, Corzine is seen applauding the president’s remarks, but he doesn’t say anything in the 30-second spot. Also, the ad, at the 24-second mark, zooms in on a frum Lakewood, NJ, resident. Corzine’s ad would seem to be aimed at garnering the Orthodox Jewish vote.

“Jon’s a leader who’s called to govern in some extraordinary times,” Obama says in the ad. “Jon Corzine wasn’t just the first governor to pass an economic recovery plan for his state, he was an ally with the Obama administration in helping us develop a national recovery plan.”

The ad will be airing on broadcast and cable television in New Jersey. The state’s two media markets – Philadelphia and New York – are among the most expensive in the nation.

Corzine has been trailing Christie in polls all summer long, and is faced with consistently low approval ratings. In response, he’s looked to nationalize his gubernatorial campaign and connect himself with the president at every opportunity.

The central theme of Corzine’s campaign against Christie is that the incumbent has close ties with the Obama administration, and he’s best positioned to parlay that relationship into concrete results for New Jersey.

To watch the commercial, click below:

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{ Newscenter/Politico}


  1. Put your jacket on obama < your the president..
    I dont see what the Bruhaha is , anyone can make a story out of nothing, chnaces are the vaad will vote corzine in again, because of its hakaras hatov policy/ and what Chris chisty did in deal etc is not for us

  2. This shows that Corzine doesn’t have the foggiest notion about the Jewish vote.
    I don’t think there any knowledgeable Jews of any stripe (other than Neturei Karta) who would consider Obama in a positive light.

  3. just conducted a study on a recent ad endorsing incumbent New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine for re-election. The study, taken by 200 New Jersey residents, found while Democrats reported that the ad was effective, Republicans indicated that it was ineffective and Independents were divide. Furthermore, Chris Christie’s favorability ratings dropped among all political parties after respondents viewed the ad. While Christie’s ratings dipped slightly among all parties, Republicans and Independents reported feeling “skeptical” while watching the pro-Corzine ad. Democrats reported ‘disturbed’ as the emotion they felt most while viewing the ad. For more complete results, please visit


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