Video: NYC, Boston, Chicago ‘Quds Day’ Rallies Look Like They Were Duds


neturei karta anti-israel rally[Video below.] On Friday, an anti-Israel rally was held in Times Square.

This PressTV report makes it look like only about 30-40 people came. Given that there were about 13 scheduled speakers and 12 organizations sponsoring the rally, that looks like a big fail.

The PressTV reporter, Caleb Maupin, interviews an incoherent Neturei Karta member and an almost incoherent retiree:

But Caleb Maupin had more than one job. He also spoke at the rally, from the top of a rusty pickup truck:

The organizers of the event claimed to “have no affiliation with any foreign entity.” Yet PressTV is controlled by Iran, Mauphin is on Iran’s payroll to some extent, and having Mauphin speak about “Saudi terrorism” is exactly what Iran’s themes for the Quds Day rallies have been throughout the world.

Even another Muslim from Yemen on the Facebook page of the NYC rally complained about Iran’s influence in the rally.

Boston’s rally seems to have also only attracted a few dozen people. Chicago’s rally seems to have been even smaller, no more than 20 people.

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