Video, Photos: Chavrusah Tumult at Beth Medrash Govoha


matzav-bmg-tumult-1[Video and photos below.] A large crowd gathered today at Beth Medrash Govoha for the tri-annual chavrusah tumult which takes place before each zeman – winter, spring, and at the beginning of Chodesh Elul. Today’s gathering outside was a bit smaller than usual, perhaps due to the sweltering heat, with many making their way indoors. Chavrusah tumult will continue tomorrow, and chaburos and seats will be finalized later in the week for the over 4,000 talmidim in the yeshiva.

To view photos of today’s chavrusah tumult, click here.

 To view a video, click below:


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  1. why does everyone have pictures or videos of the chavrusa tumel. HAVE VIDEOS AND PICTURES OF THE OLEM LAERNIG OR DAVINING!!!!!

  2. I would like to express thanks to BMG for supplying drinks for all the boys who participated in the chavrusa Tumult today!

  3. Can not figure out what is the gadlus, excitement and tumult about this all!! Why not just arrange chavrusas at the end of the zman as is done in other yeshivas? How do you gently with ehrlichkeit tell the guy ‘ya just do not want to lern with him’….

  4. It can’t be done the previous zman, as hundreds of new talmidim are accepted into the yeshiva after Pesach. Also, by the time a guy gets to Lakewood, he should be able to honestly asses his own learning and the success of a chavrusa shaf – seldom is one guy telling another that he doesn’t want to learn with him further, it’s usually by mutual consent after assessing their zman.

  5. thanks Matzav for posting this! i always wondered what the tumult looks like. can we have picures of the chabura and seat tumult?


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