Video, Photos: Leil Lag Ba’omer 5771 Around Lakewood

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leil-lag-baomer-in-lakewood[Video montage and photos below.] Last night, various gatherings took place around Lakewood, NJ, in honor of Lag Ba’omer and the yom hillulah of Rav Shimon bar Yochai.

At the Alexander Bais Medrash on Monmouth Avenue, the Alexander Rebbe was present and a large hadlaka was held with live music and singing.

At the Stoliner Bais Medrash, on East 8th Street, off of Princeton Avenue, a tremendous crowd gathered for a hadlaka and dancing.

At the Breslover Bais Medrash on Sixth Street, a hadlaka was followed by dancing and singing.

At Bais Medrash Daas Kedoshim-Butchatch, the Skolya Rebbe led a seudas melava malka in honor of Lag Ba’omer.

At Sterling Forest, a large hadlaka was held.

Click below for a video montage of a number of these events:

[media id=1155 width=400 height=300]

See below for photos:

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  1. I agree! The rest of the Yomim Tovim are just to give a dugmah as to what Lag Beomer should be! Ashreichem Yisrael!
    This is how low Klal Yisroel has fallen, Avodas Hashem is only exciting with Fire and singing!


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