Video, Photos: Vice President Biden Lights National Menorah


national-menorah[Video and photos below.] The National Menorah, the world’s largest, was lit in a ceremony seen around the world at Tuesday at 4:00 pm, the first night of Chanukah.


Vice President Joe Biden attended the program marking the 35th Anniversary of the National Chanukah Menorah Lighting, held on the Ellipse near the White House.

The jumbo menorah stands on the Ellipse across from the White House.

See below for photos by Baruch Ezagui for

{ Newscenter}


  1. A Chilul Hashem. When Chazal said Pirsumei Nisah, they did NOT have this in mind. We are in Golus, why stick it to the Goyim like we own this country?

  2. The bigger the menorah, the bigger the eyes of the holocaust deniers, right?

    Big menorahs take away the sanctity of Torah.

    Giddiness is not challenging your foes.

  3. Did they at least to preach to the VP about family values or sanctity of life -items which has more pertinence than lighting a menora?

  4. forget with goyim, it is not halachickly the most kosher lighting (before shkiah) people are also supposed tolight by their own homes so until we have a jewish president i will fail to see the reasoning behind a menorah in the whitehouse lit wiht a brach by yidden

  5. BS”D
    No. 1, Respectfully, Doesn’t it say, al pesach baiso mebachutz? Sh”A A”Ch S’ 5671 Se’5. A Freilichin Chanukah. giving chizuk to many Yiden ke”h isn’t chashuv ?


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