Video: President Barack Obama Attends Memorial Ceremony in Yad Vashem


obama-yad-vashem[Video below.] During his final day in Israel, President Barack Obama participated in a Memorial Ceremony in Yad Vashem’s Hall of Remembrance.

Click below to watch:

Note: From minute 1:50 to minute 3:05, the volume should be muted by men:

[media id=1633 width=400 height=300]

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Why should the volume be muted? If R’ Lau can stand there together with at least one more frum person (so it seems) it’s probably not so bad! R’ Lau is pretty charedi and so is his family. He has an edim that’s an amshinover chossid!

  2. kel Molei in chodesh Nissan?? but even more disapointing is that the men didnt respectfully stay out for the girls choir


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