Video: Rabbi Krohn: Do Not Park in Handicapped Spaces


paysach-krohn-1[Video below.] This past week, Rabbi Paysach Krohn, noted author and lecturer, spoke in various venues in Lakewood, NJ, about being sensitive to the needs of others, including not parking in handicapped-designated parking spaces if one is not permitted to do so.

Click below for a brief but powerful message from Rabbi Krohn as conveyed to one of his audiences this past week:

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  1. I think Rabbi Krohn should have also pointed out the abuse in the system for obtaining handicapped permits for those that are not handicapped.

  2. It really grieves me to write this, but it seems to me that Maran’s pleadings have, are and will continue to fall on deaf ears.

    people are notorious for their appalling driving habit and their simple lack of regard for their fellow man.

    Their brutish philosophy seems to be “as long as *I* am alright why should I care about anyone else?”

  3. What Rabbi Krohn said is a thousand percent accurate. Not only do people park in handicapped spots, but they also block ramps that are put there so that the handicapped person has easier access to a building. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to try & get around a car that is blocking access in a wheelchair, or even a walker or crutches.
    Menchlechkeit comes first and formost. don’t use the excuse that you are late for minyan & have to park illegally.
    Yasher Koach Rabbi Krohn for coming out and being our voice to the public.

  4. I am a principal in a frum Day School. It took me a week of announcements and figuring out who was parking in our handicap spaces to end this issue for good. We have 3 teachers who need those spaces, and they NOW have them. The next problem that must be solved is for people to be more considerate of others, and when they park their car, they must make sure that they are parked straight and not on or over the line that delineates their parking spot. Parking spaces are limited and it is unfair to take two spaces because you are in a hurry or you just don’t take the time to be careful. In the scope of life, it takes less than one minute to be considerate of others! One more issue needs to be addressed. When you open your car door to exit your vehicle, concentrate on the swing of your door so as NOT to scratch the car next to yours. My new car has a few scratches on the door due to the carelessness of others. We are Yidden. Act like a Yid is expected to act!

  5. Rabbi Krohn is saying something extremely valuable. Acting in such a way is the stark opposite of the way the Torah commands us to “share the burden”.
    Lets not be insensitive by causing anguish to the already challenged.


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