Video: Rabbi Shmully Hecht Challenges Professor Goldstone at Yale


hect-challenges-goldstone[Video below.] Rabbi Shmully Hecht, advisor to Eliezer, the Jewish society at Yale University, confronted Judge Richard Goldstone last week when he delivered an address on campus. The move surprised Goldstone, who was visibly affected by a poster comparing his report on the war in Gaza with the Dreyfus Affair and the anti-Semitic Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The Goldstone report, authorized by the United Nations, accuses Israel of committing war crimes in the operation against Gaza terrorists last year.

Rabbi Hecht and others held up the sign in the back of the conference room and Judge Goldstone appeared to be flustered. A Yale official interrupted the speech and said, “You have made your point. Take it down now.”

At a reception following Goldstone’s remarks, Rabbi Hecht said he asked the retired South African judge, “Do you firmly believe the Israeli government has a policy of targeting civilians?… I feel sorry for you.”

Rabbi Hecht then asked Goldstone what he will say when evidence shows that “the report was a sham.”

Goldstone answered, “Should that occur, I will rejoice.”

Rabbi Hecht concluded by saying that he “shook his hand, and he looked me in the eye like a troubled Jew.”

Click below for a video:

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{Yair Israel}


  1. I am very impressed with rabbi hecht he showed this troubled jew goldstone that he disagrees with the arrogance and sinfull approach taken by his report but didnt act arrogant in return and just expressed his outrage in a way that shows that goldstone is not a well person and one has to feel sorry for him

  2. Kol Hakvod for Rabbi Hecht who stood up for Jewish Rights. Anti Semitism is growing tremendously and we are non reactive to its growth.

  3. How many of you have actually read the Goldstone Report? Until you read it, you are commenting on the state of your beliefs rather than the state of his conclusions.


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